Classic car being repaired


Hamilton Lincoln Repair & Service

Luxurious Lincoln cars are among the top attractive options equipped with excellent engine power, unique styling, and superior technologies. Lincoln announced that it would stop building the Continental and MKZ at the end of 2020 and, instead, push all SUVs, with the Aviator, Corsair, Nautilus, and Navigator. The new models look great (and those Matthew McConaughey commercials didn’t hurt either), and have generated newfound appreciation for a classic brand.

We know that you are more than capable of operating your Lincoln and enjoy doing so. But not everyone is a trained backyard mechanic, especially with today’s sophisticated engines and vehicle operating systems. That’s why Lincoln owners in the Hamilton and surrounding area have been trusting their beloved vehicles to us for years, allowing our efficient and experienced automotive technicians to keep their cars running smoothly and safely

The purpose of Right Way Auto Repair is to HELP you. We want to solve your auto repair and maintenance concerns, ensure your safety, make your driving trouble free, and maximize your investment in a Lincoln vehicle—and we want to do so in the most enjoyable manner possible. Whether you know how to rebuild an engine or pumping gas is the limit of your automotive knowledge, we treat every customer the same way—the way we like to be treated, with respect and courtesy.

Bring Your Lincoln to Right Way Auto Repair in Hamilton

Your Lincoln is an extraordinary vehicle, and we want to ensure it remains that way - whether it's taken you 10,000 kilometers or 100,000 kilometers. Bring your Lincoln to Right Way Auto Repair for routine maintenance, such as oil changes and tire rotations, or anytime your Lincoln isn’t performing properly and we will help you keep your Lincoln performing its best.