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Ram Pickup Truck

Many consumers see RAM trucks as a Dodge brand. However, in 2009 Chrysler split Ram from Dodge as a separate division. Ram still offers a full line up of light to medium duty pickup trucks, work trucks and cargo vans including the ever-popular models like RAM 1500. Ram trucks and vans deliver solid performance and dependability to make them one of the highest-rated vehicles in their class.

Your Ram truck is built for the toughest jobs, but its long-term performance depends on proper maintenance and repairs. At Right Way Auto Repair, we understand that you use your Ram truck for far more than just the everyday commute to work. Therefore, we’ll do everything we can to help you get back behind the wheel as soon as possible, whether your truck is in need of a wheel alignment, engine repair, or a simple oil change.

One of the best ways to keep repairs (and the time and cost associated with them) to a minimum is to pay attention to and timely address the warning signs on your Ram. Note anything out of the ordinary and deal with it promptly, as most mechanical problems get worse with time.

Call Right Way Auto Repair for Ram Repair & Maintenance

When your Ram needs repairs or maintenance, call Right Way Auto Repair in Hamilton, ON. We will help you keep your vehicle in “RAM tough” shape.