Classic car being repaired


Hamilton Scion Repair & Service

Scion, known as Toyota's “youth brand”, is no longer being produced. Intended to appeal to younger customers, the Scion brand emphasized inexpensive, stylish, and distinctive sport compact vehicles. Its simple and well-equipped model lineup includes the FR-S coupe and convertible, the iQ, tC, and xD hatchbacks, and the xB wagon. Not many modestly-priced cars are as exuberant as Scion’s fun-to-drive vehicles, and we fix them all!

It is sad to see the brand go, but Right Way Auto Repair continues to support Scion lovers and drivers, because though Scion’s vehicles have proven to be great, eventually, they will need to get service. Our certified automotive technicians are familiar with all types of Scions, know their distinguishing features, and how to preserve their great performance for years to come.

Bring Your Scion to Right Way Auto Repair in Hamilton, ON!

If you’re experiencing any issues with your Scion, bring it to Right Way Auto Repair! Our skilled mechanics can help identify the exact problem, and take care of the repairs needed to get you back on the road safely. We look forward to contributing our expertise to many more miles of economical and trouble-free Scion ownership.