About Right Way Auto Repair in Hamilton, ON

Thank you for your interest and for taking the time to visit our website! Since Right Way Auto Repair began in October 2008, our family has lived by a commitment to high quality, companionable service. We strive to have customers call us their automotive repair facility of choice.

Right Way Auto Repair started with one employee and two service bays. In the last ten years, it has grown to its current seven-bay facility with three automotive service technicians. Andrey's son, Pavel, came on board in 2009 as an apprentice and now holds a degree in the Automotive Technology from McMaster University.

Andrey and Lana, owners at Right Way Auto Repair, auto repair shop in Hamilton, ON

"Andrey & Lana Kopelev - Owners"

Over the years, Right Way Auto Repair has built a reputation for honest and trustworthy customer and vehicle service. We believe that in order to maintain vehicle safety, it is our duty to tell customers about necessary vehicle repairs or maintenance. To that end, we offer a complimentary inspection to reduce the chances of unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs.

We frequently send our staff for training to keep up-to-date with the latest technology. Our team is devoted to keeping our facility neat, clean, and organized in order to maintain the quality of service our customers have come to expect and appreciate.

We can assure you that you will receive that same dependable service when you bring your car in.

Mission statement:

We are driven by quality and integrity.

Vision statement:

It is our vision to provide honest, affordable, quality automotive service to all our customers. We know how important it is to feel safe behind the wheel of your vehicle, and our technicians work to ultimately reduce the risk of accidents due to car malfunctions.

The backbone of our operation

The most important asset of our business is our employees. We work hard to provide an enjoyable working atmosphere and pay our technicians fair wages. After all, we want their number one focus to be on fixing our customers' vehicles, taking the time needed to do the job right the first time.

In addition, our knowledgeable, friendly service advisors are always ready to help our customers. Right Way Auto Repair is a team effort, and we appreciate the contribution made by each member of our staff.

Celebrating 10 years in business!

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Our Staff

Andrey Kopelev

Andrey Kopelev is a licensed automotive service technician and the owner of the Right Way Auto Repair. A native of Russia, Andrey lived in North Carolina, USA, before settling in Canada, which he now proudly considers his home. In Canada, Andrey's professional posts included companies like Canadian Tire, a Mazda dealership, and a few independent shops. After several years of working for someone else, Andrey decided to venture out on his own and opened Right Way Auto Repair. At Right Way he continues to fix vehicles with passion and enthusiasm for producing a job well done. His bi-cultural background allows him to interact effectively with an ethnically diverse community. In fact, in the 2012 Edition of the Heritage Registry of Who's Who for Executives and Professionals, Andrey was recognized as an honored member for his accomplishments and influence on the community. In his spare time, Andrey likes to play tennis and soccer, as well as take Ballroom dance lessons with his wife, Lana.

Andrey at Right Way Auto Repair, auto repair shop in Hamilton, ON

Lana Kopelev

My name is Lana Kopelev. I am the marketing manager at Right Way Auto.

I actually never received an education in marketing. It was just something I rolled into and had to learn by doing. Yes, it can be pretty overwhelming at times, since my job is to make sure we're communicating our mission and vision to people who are looking for high quality, professional, friendly service. Nevertheless, I am thrilled to have an opportunity to tell the world about our great team and the work they do here at Right Way Auto.

As the marketing manager, I oversee both the creative and business ends of our website and undertake a lot of the day-to-day marketing work, including email and social media management, advertising and print production, print media production etc.

Creativity is very important. I need to develop new and engaging ideas all the timeā€¦ and I think I've got one right now!

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our friends and customers for considering Right Way Auto for your automotive repair needs, for supporting us, believing in us and trusting us. Behind success of any organization are the prestigious customers like you, who allow us to be your automotive repair service of choice. It has been a privilege! We hope to retain this relationship for many years to come. We look forward to always providing you with our highest standard of quality service. For more updates and our promo packages, I invite you to follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Lana at Right Way Auto Repair, auto repair shop in Hamilton, ON

Daniel Petozzi

My name is Daniel Petozzi, I'm 27 years old and I'm a licensed 310 T Truck and Coach Technician and soon to be licensed 310 S Automotive Service Technician. I take pride in everything I do and refuse to cut corners to save time or skin. I make sure the job is done the way I'd want it done to my own car. I challenge myself every day to learn new things and better serve my customers, there's no better feeling than being able to fix what others can't or refuse to.

Daniel at Right Way Auto Repair, auto repair shop in Hamilton, ON

Pavel Kopelev

My name is Pavel Kopelev and I started as an apprentice at Right Way Auto Repair. I hold a degree in Automotive Engineering from McMaster University. My experience at Right Way Auto has had a tremendous, positive impact on my career. Acquiring hands-on experience with vehicle mechanics greatly supports and improves my automotive technological understanding. I am currently striving to peruse a profession in business management. After, Right Way Auto opened a new department for pre-owned car sales, I work as the Sales Manager at Right Way Auto Sales. On my spare time I enjoy playing sports and traveling.

Dong Hwan at Right Way Auto Repair, auto repair shop in Hamilton, ON

Jin Kim

My name is Jin Kim. I joined Right Way Auto Repair in 2017 as an apprentice.

I came to Canada from South Korea in 2014 to pursue the Automotive Service Technician Program at the Automotive Power Technician of Niagara College in Welland, and I have never looked back. I have always enjoyed working with my hands, and I work hard to acquire the skills and experience needed to become a professional automotive technician. My goal is to become a 310S Automotive Service Technician as soon as possible so I can inspect, diagnose, repair, and service mechanical, electrical, and electronic systems and components of vehicles. I like to be on the go; when I have even a single free minute, I take up the task of helping to keep the shop clean and organized. In my spare time, I enjoy golfing with my friends and my wife.

Jin Kim at Right Way Auto Repair, auto repair shop in Hamilton, ON


My name is Eleonor. I am a licensed automotive technician and a certified Drive Clean inspector and Drive Clean Repair Technician at Right Way Auto Repair.

My love and passion for working on cars has inspired me to work as a mechanic. The challenge of figuring out the problem with a car and making effective repairs to rectify the same is the most enjoyable part of my work. One of my personal goals is to keep up with rapidly changing technology in the automotive industry.

I feel good when a car owner is ecstatic that his/her baby has been properly diagnosed and fixed. My moto is that there is no car problem that cannot be fixed. A lot of people underestimate automotive technicians. In reality, technicians have skills such as critical thinking and problemsolving, as well as knowledge about the functioning of the systems of each vehicle. When a vehicle comes in with a problem, it's a puzzle that we need to solve. I gain the greatest satisfaction of helping people and keeping them safe.

I have a great family, and I enjoy spending time and travelling with them in my spare time.

Eleonor at Right Way Auto Repair, auto repair shop in Hamilton, ON


My name is Jeff and I have been in the automotive business for 40 years. I have had a pleasure to learn all aspects of the business starting as a car detailer and currently Automotive Service Advisor. I really enjoy the customer interaction and getting to know them as part of our family. I strive to make sure they are happy and will come back again.

Right Way Auto Repair's motto Honest and Fair is my personal goal as well and I project that with each and every customer. My personal passion is music and sports. I can honestly say I would like to meet you and make you a part of our family here at Right Way Auto Repair.

Jeff at Right Way Auto Repair, auto repair shop in Hamilton, ON