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Right Way Auto Repair Consistently Delivers Quality Repairs and Service

Over the years, Right Way Auto Repair has built a reputation for honest, friendly, and trustworthy automotive service. It all started with one employee and two service bays. More than a decade later,Right Way Auto Repair has grown to its current seven-bay facility with four automotive service technicians and two service representatives.

We believe that all car services and repairs begin with the promise of treating customers honestly and fairly. That is why we make it a point to emphasize absolute transparency in all our communication with our customers. Implementation of the digital inspection reports helps us provide them with the most transparent and educational automotive service in town.

We also strongly believe that it is our duty to remind customers in time about all necessary vehicle repairs or maintenance to reduce the chances of unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. You can trust our staff to provide you honest and helpful advice in order for you to derive the most from your vehicle.

Owner Andrey Kopelev Brings Passion and Enthusiasm to Right Way

Andrey Kopelev is a licensed automotive service technician and the owner of the Right Way Auto Repair. A native of Russian, Andrey lived in North Carolina, USA, before settling in Canada, which he now proudly considers his home. Once in Canada, Andrey’s professional posts have been at companies such as Canadian Tire, a Mazda dealership, and some independent shops.

After several years of working for employers, Andrey chose to venture out on his own and he opened Right Way Auto Repair. At the helm of Right Way, Andrey continues to fix vehicles with passion and enthusiasm for doing a job well done.

Being bi-cultural allows Andrey to interact effectively with an ethnically diverse community. In fact, in the 2012 Edition of the Heritage Registry of Who’s Who for Executives and Professionals, Andrey was recognized as an honored member for his accomplishments and influence on the community. In his spare time, Andrey enjoys playing tennis and soccer, as well as taking ballroom dancing lessons with his wife, Lana.

Lana Kopelev Directs Marketing at Right Way Auto Repair

Although Lana has not received an education in marketing, it is a profession she simply immersed herself in, starting many years ago. Lana’s job is to make sure Right Way is communicating the business mission and vision to people who are searching for high quality, professional, friendly service for their cars. Lana is thrilled to have an opportunity to tell the world about the great team at Right Way and the work they are doing.

As the marketing manager, Lana oversees both the creative and business ends of the Right Way website, while also overseeing most of the day-to-day marketing activities. These activities include email and social media management, advertising and print production, print media production, etc.

Creativity is very important in Lana’s marketing job. She is developing new and engaging ideas all the time, and she might have a new idea right now.