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Car Battery Services

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The battery in a modern car manages a massive range of tasks and devices, from starting the engine to powering vast array of on-board computers. The more sophisticated your car’s computers are, the bigger the strain on its battery, especially from the computers that are operating at all times, even when the vehicle itself is parked and switched off (keyless entry, remote start, security system, etc.) Therefore, having a fully functional car battery is essential for having a fully functional vehicle.

Car Battery Replacement

Just like any other batteries, car batteries don’t last forever. The average life of a car battery is between three and five years. Pushing a battery longer than five years, even under perfect driving conditions, could cause your battery to fail without notice. For this reason, many manufacturers recommend getting a replacement once in five years.

Although batteries can last for five years when properly cared for, most car batteries will become inefficient and almost completely unreliable within three to four years of daily use. Therefore, at the three/four-year mark, it is best to start preparing to install a replacement.

Car Battery Testing

As your car’s battery ages, it gradually loses its capacity to hold an electrical charge. A proper battery testing can help determine if it’s drained and needs to be recharged, or it’s too weak to hold a charge and needs replacement.

Since extreme temperatures have a big impact on battery degradation, it is recommended to test your car battery twice a year, in the fall and in spring, to make sure it is ready for whatever mother nature may throw at it.

Car Battery Services

At Right Way Auto repair, we offer a variety of services for your automobile's battery, including:

  • Battery test: Our certified technicians will measure the battery output to see if it is in line with your battery manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Battery maintenance: We will check and clean the battery terminals, check the battery cables, and apply a dielectric gel as a protection against corrosion.

  • Battery replacement: When your battery will no longer hold a charge and requires replacement, we’ll remove and properly dispose of the old battery and then install a new battery that’s perfectly matched to your vehicle’s specifications.

  • Battery warning light diagnosis: The battery's warning light will stay on if a fault is detected in the charging system. We will diagnose and fix problems in your battery and charging system.

Whatever your car battery needs are, Right Way Auto Repair is here to take care of them and get you back on the road fully charged!