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Bad Air Conditioner Smells Mean Trouble

Bad Air Conditioner Smells Mean Trouble

We have seen many customers come in with a complaint about a bad smell coming from their air conditioner (A/C) vents. Beyond being unpleasant, bad car smells mean trouble as it could be a health or safety hazard. Therefore, we will explain a weird smell blowing out of your A/C, its cause, impact and solution.

What Causes That Foul Odor From A/C vents?

Over time, due to water condensation that collects inside the A/C housing, humidity and lack of airflow, bacteria, mold and fungi can build up on a vehicles’ A/C unit and create a bad odor when switched on.

Impact To Health

Though your car’s A/C may be a saving grace while stuck in traffic on a hot day, they are the worst offenders for circulating germs and micro-organisms that cause a myriad of health issues — from minor headaches to more serious health problems. Researchers at the Louisiana State Medical Center found eight types of mold living inside 22 out of 25 cars tested. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highlights the severe reactions possible for people with mold allergies. Therefore, for both comfort and health, it is important to deal with mold in your car A/C.

How to Get Rid of Bacteria in Your A/C

1.You can do an anti-bacterial treatment for your A/C by yourself – spray Lysol or another similar product into the AC system with the blower running and the windows open. This may work for a small period of time, but it is probably only a temporary solution. It will kill existing bacteria and fungi, but they will start to regrow as soon as the culture medium in your A/C system is reinoculated.

2.Check your A/C drain to make sure that it is not clogged.

3.Replace a cabin air filter. It helps protect you and the passengers from contaminants in the air you breathe. Ideally, your cabin air filters should be changed on a regular basis.

4.The best way to prevent bacteria and mould from building up in your car A/C unit is to have it regularly serviced by a professional. Car air conditioning experts have the necessary tools and skills to effectively remove mould and mildew from your A/C system, making it safe for your health. With the emergence of COVID-19, SARS, and other viruses and diseases that are harmful to everyone's health, we encourage that all drivers have their A/C checked and debugged at least once every two years to decontaminate the system and kill the bacteria within.

Need an A/C System Cleaning?

As a lot of motorists have these awful smells in their A/C system and many of them are very susceptible to mould allergies, we, at Right Way Auto Repair, decided to have a BactaKleen service available.

BactaKleen is a two-in-one bacterial treatment system that effectively kills 99.9 percent of the bacteria, germs and fungi in vehicles, homes and offices, and currently is the preferred choice of many medical facilities and hospitals.

BactaKleen uses a proven technology that is widely used in Japan and the United States. The device encompasses a specially designed fumigation device to atomize the concentrated anti-bacterial solution into an ultra-fine mist made up of hundreds of millions of microscopic ‘nano-sized’ cleaning particles. It can penetrate virtually all areas of the ventilation system, including the car's A/C and interior and those hard-to-reach places of the vehicle where mould and bacteria thrive.

Book an appointment today! We'll give your A/C system a thorough inspection — from seals and hoses to compressors and blower motors — repair or replace the necessary parts to ensure it is working properly and give it a good clean!