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Why Your Car Won't Start and What Can You Do About It?

Why Your Car Won't Start and What Can You Do About It?

No car ever breaks down at the "right time”. A good way to avoid this frustrating and stressful inconvenience is to get your vehicle regularly serviced based on your car manufacturer's recommendation. Even though it takes a little bit of effort, it’s not without benefits for motorists. After all, a regularly serviced vehicle is worth more money, results in maximum efficiency, and is safer in general.

There are literally dozens of reasons why your vehicle may not start. Some of the reasons are easy to diagnose and resolve while others require professional help. This article is meant to provide you with practical advice so you know what to do the next time your car does not start.

Bad or dead battery

One of most the common reasons a car won't start is because of a dead battery. A good indication of a dead battery is darkness. With a dead battery, your headlights won’t go on, your dashboard lights will be out, even your interior cabin light might not work. If your headlights come on without a problem, then it is not a dead battery causing the issue.

With a dead battery, utilizing a Jump-Start Box or having a set of jumper cables and a nearby motorist willing to help may be enough to get your car started again. Though, check on an older car battery as soon as possible afterward. Mechanics at Right Way Auto Repair are able to test your car’s battery life on the spot.

Be cautious if you jump-start on your own. If you are not careful, you can seriously injure yourself, damage your car, or the second vehicle. Always check your owner's manual! It spells out step-by-step instructions on the proper way to jump-start your car. Follow those instructions to the letter! If you are in doubt, seek help from roadside assistance providers.

You've run out of fuel

Even though it may seem silly, it happens — you forgot to get gas on your way home yesterday, or a family member borrowed the car and forgot to fill up. Low fuel levels can make it impossible for the fuel to combust, leaving your car stationary.

Fortunately, this one is an easy fix — get gas and fill the fuel tank. To quote funnyman Mitch Hedberg, go ahead and get out the toolbox AKA your wallet and ask someone to give you a lift to the nearest gas station.

In general, it’s a bad idea to drive around with an extremely low fuel level in your tank. Not only do you risk being stuck somewhere without any gas and a car that won’t start, driving with very little fuel can damage your car’s fuel pump.

You'll need the help of a professional

Plenty of other mechanical or electrical breakdowns can cause an engine to not start. Components like a starter motor, alternator, fuel pump, security system, timing belt, fuel filter, spark plug, just to name a few, sometimes fail to deliver normal operation.

Generally, these breakdowns require professional attention. Since your car is can’t be driven, you will need to arrange a tow truck to take it to the nearest service station so that a mechanic can take a look at your vehicle and figure out what’s going on. Thankfully, many of the problems that can cause your car to fail to start have quick and easy workarounds to get you moving again.

Save yourself from the hassle of unexpected breakdown

Instead of having your car towed to the unfamiliar repair shop when something goes wrong, consider giving your car regular maintenance and seasonal tune-ups at Right Way Auto Repair. We have a team of qualified mechanics that can protect you against breakdowns, expensive repairs, and other unwelcome surprises.