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Safety Inspection

Purchasing a used car? Congratulations! Just moved to Ontario? Welcome! Transferring a used vehicle to a new owner? Someone got lucky! These events have something in common: you need a safety certificate inspection to get your vehicle on the road.

What is a Safety Certificate Inspection and Its Purpose?

Vehicle Safety Certificate Inspection is a procedure mandated by national and subnational governments, in which a vehicle is inspected to ensure conformity to regulations governing safety. The purpose of the inspection is to keep those behind the wheel, as well as the passengers and other drivers around completely safe.

What is a Safety Inspection Certificate?

A Safety Certificate attests the condition of a very specific number of parts and components in a vehicle on the day it was inspected.

How Do I Get a Safety Standards Certificate?

To get a certificate, your vehicle must meet all of the provincial standards on the date the certificate was issued. The certificate does not guarantee the vehicle's condition and does not act as a warranty when you purchase a used vehicle.

What Happens if My Vehicle Does Not Meet Car Safety Requirements?

For whatever reason your car fails its safety inspection, you generally have 10 days to get the repairs done and get it re-inspected at the original inspection station at no charge. You can choose from three available options:

  • repair a vehicle at the inspection station
  • have another shop perform the work
  • make your own repairs

Vehicle Safety Inspection at Right Way Auto Repair

As a licensed Motor Vehicle Inspection Station, we, at Right Way Auto Repair, must carefully review and apply the requirements contained in the technical Passenger/Light Duty Vehicle Inspection Standard issued by the MTO. Our technicians will never pass a vehicle that does not meet the government’s regulations. Some clients think we are too stringent, but the fact is, we do not make the rules and we will not bend them for anyone. After all, both a shop’s and a technician’s licenses are on the line with every inspection they complete and certificate they issue.

When a mechanic informs you that your car did not meet the government’s safety requirements, please remember that it is not our responsibility to certify the vehicle, but to keep unsafe vehicles off the road as they pose a hazard to you and to other drivers. We know that you care about your own safety and that of others; we do, too.

Did You Know?

You can prepare your vehicle for the safety inspection beforehand to avoid a return trip to the station. By following this checklist, any safety items can be checked and fixed before an inspection is performed by a licensed motor vehicle inspection station. Please note that this does not replace a province-mandated safety inspection.

Need a Safety Inspection?

Book Your Appointment Today! We will provide you with a full digital report complete with measurements, photographs, and comments from the certified technician to ensure that you understand the condition of your vehicle at the time of the inspection. Our certified technicians are ready and willing to help you fix your vehicle’s issues so that it meets all the safety standard requirements and you feel confident in its safety and performance.