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The Real Value of a Free Car Inspection

Right Way Auto Repair | Inspection

The courtesy vehicle inspection is one particular service that is often offered by most automotive shops. You go in for a simple oil change and a technician performs a free inspection. Why? The answer is simple: These checkups can help identify potential issues before the problems cause accidents. That is why our professional mechanics examine most safety concerns when a customer’s vehicle comes in for an oil change.

Some clients think we are too stringent and want to know why we do not do “just an oil change.” Our standard answer is that it is part of our job to look for problems and they should be glad for this free service as it may prevent danger and save their lives. We know everyone cares about their own safety and that of others; we do too. It is our goal to keep the driver behind the wheel, as well as the passengers and other vehicles around the driving vehicle, completely safe. Therefore, we ask our customers to take their free inspection as seriously as they would want other drivers to take theirs.

Another reason for the courtesy inspections is to spot small vehicle problems before they turn into issues needing major repairs. We want our customers to be fully educated on anything and everything that is going on with their vehicle. When our licensed technicians perform a courtesy inspection, they fill out a detailed digital report. This report, including images and videos, is sent to the provided email ID or phone number. This allows customers to see everything that our technicians see.

Remember that pilots and ship captains do not take off or leave port without checking their planes or boats. Your car is like a member of the family: it takes you to sport games, picnics, school, work and beyond. So take advantage of our free car inspection. You will drive away with a detailed digital report on the condition of your vehicle and a little extra peace of mind.