Catalytic Converters at Right Way Auto Repair in Hamilton, ON

Catalytic Converter Service

What is a Catalytic Converter?
A catalytic converter is a vital part of a vehicle emissions control system. The catalytic converter is designed to convert harmful emissions, produced by an internal combustion engine, to less-harmful elements.

Why did my converter fail?

Typically converter failures fall in to one of the following categories:

  • Physical damage due to corrosion, or from the converter contacting a large object on the road surface.
  •  Contamination - due to excessive oil consumption, internal coolant leak, or excessive carbon build up.
  •  Melted substrate - due to engine misfires which lead to excessive converter temperatures.
  • Thermo quenching - hot converter is cold quenched when driving through deep water or into deep snow.
  • Converter aging/lack of engine maintenance - cycles of damaging engine conditions will eventually deteriorate converter performance.

Outside of a failure in the emissions test lane, catalytic converters rarely make themselves noticed, even when they fail. But when they fail, it’s important to go after the engine problem that caused the failure first.

In theory, a catalytic converter should last the life of a vehicle.  If it doesn’t, there are other contributing factors that lead to its destruction. The detective work can lead to service as simple as spark plugs, or as complex as a software upgrade. In either case, there’s no mystery to the diagnostic procedure.

Right Way Auto Repair is committed to finding the root cause of a catalyst failure before installing a new one. We have licensed emissions technicians who are able to identify and correct the root cause of the original converter failure.

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