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Modern vehicles are very complex and are equipped with a highly sophisticated performance monitoring system controlled by a computer and a series of sensors that are strategically positioned throughout the vehicle on its crucial systems. Some of these complications are a result of environmental and safety legislations. Others are due to the large variety of performance and luxury accessories available on vehicles. If the electronic control unit (ECU) detects a problem with any of its sensors or circuits, the Check Engine Light illuminates.

Since the computer receives information from many different sensors, the Check Engine Light will not tell you exactly what is wrong or what to do about it. Simply put, there can be hundreds of possible reasons as to why your vehicle’s Check Engine light could be on. Therefore, it often takes a highly skilled and experienced technician with advanced level tools to get to the root of the problem and help ‘cure’ whatever ails your automobile.

At Right Way Auto Repair, we have advanced computerized diagnostic equipment and a team of qualified service technicians who know how to use specialized tools to properly perform an engine diagnostic service, isolate the core problem, and repair a malfunctioning vehicle or give you a recommendation on what to do next.

Whether you notice that your car’s Check Engine Light is on or your vehicle is showing obvious signs of a problem, such as stalling or knocking, you should get it checked out quickly by a certified mechanic. Contact Right Way Auto Repair, and we can help you track down the part or system that's at fault and effect a repair.