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Digital Inspection Services
at Right Way Auto Repair in Hamilton, ON

Digital Inspection Services at Right Way Auto Repair in Hamilton, ON

If you have been to our shop in the last year, you may have seen us walking around with Tablets and may have wondered why we are taking so many photos and videos. Tablets are the cornerstone of our Digital Vehicle Inspection. We are well aware that the automotive repair industry has a bad reputation. That is why we started doing digital vehicle inspections.

A Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) is a tool that allows us to document all aspects of an inspection, take photos and videos of the good and bad stuff we see on your car, and send it directly to you via text or email. DVI allows us to be transparent about what goes on with your vehicle. During the vehicle inspection process, we record our findings for you. This helps reduce the chances of a “surprise” car repair at every service.

You See What We See

Digital Vehicle Inspections are revolutionizing the car care world. They build trust and openness with our customers by enabling the mechanic to show you exactly what he is seeing and why he is recommending a particular service for your car. We don’t want you to feel as if we upsell you or rip you off, and providing photos and/or videos to back up the findings on your car is a great way to prove this.

Contact us online or call us at (905) 381-9285. Our licensed expert technicians will perform a complete multi-point inspection and fill out a detailed digital report that will be sent to your provided email or phone.