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Engine Replacement Services
at Right Way Auto Repair in Hamilton, ON

Engine Replacement Services at Right Way Auto Repair in Hamilton, ON

Engine Replacemnet

The engine is the heart of your vehicle, so when it stops working so does your car. The modern engine is a piece of complicated, high-performance and costly machinery that needs looking after. Taking proper care of your engine helps prevent engine failure and thus, expensive repairs. This includes pampering it, remaining attentive to any new sound, smoke or smell, replacing your timing belt, changing the oil regularly and ensuring that everything is in order: spark plugs and cylinder head, fuel injection, fuel pump and other such parts.

In addition to taking your car to a mechanic regularly, you should also be on the lookout for signs of engine trouble:

  • Smoke coming from your exhaust
  • A loss of engine power
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • A puddle of oil on the ground beneath your parked car
  • Strange noises: knocking, ticking, buzzing, squeaking or whining noises
  • Stopping of the engine suddenly and loudly

If your car experiences any of the aforementioned issues, stop the car and call a mechanic to make an appointment as soon as possible.

When an engine gives out, it does not necessarily mean the end of your vehicle. When a car or truck needs major engine repair, the first response and reaction of many consumers is to buy a new or used vehicle, and occasionally, we do tell customers their car is not worth fixing and that they should look for a good used car and let us inspect it before purchase. However, if your vehicle is in relatively good shape, it makes sense to update it by replacing the engine. Once you consider the "hidden" costs, such as taxes, license fees and insurance expenses, in purchasing a new or used vehicle, the economic benefits of replacing your engine become very clear.

Selecting the right replacement engine requires more than just just knowledge of prices. You need to consider durability, reliability, OEM fit and function as well as many other factors. Our expert staff can help you choose the best possible solution for your needs.

Replacing an engine is not unusual service. When in doubt, you can always contact Right Way Auto Repair to discuss your options: whether it is worth replacing your current vehicle or just your engine. Our specialists are prepared to assist you as soon as you need it. You can contact us online or call us at (905) 381-9285.