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Belts and Hoses Replacement Service

belts and hose Services at Right Way Auto Repair in Hamilton, ON

Belts and hoses power nearly every feature in your vehicle. Hoses deliver hydraulic pressure to your brakes and other components. Belts transfer energy from the crankshaft to the moving parts that start, steer, heat, and cool your vehicle. Any belt or hose failure is a serious issue and can result in a major breakdown that requires expensive repairs.

Both belts and hoses are usually made of rubber, and because they are constantly exposed to heat, vibrations, chemicals, and stress from everyday driving, they have one of the shortest lifespans of any component in your car. Belts and hoses with signs of cracking, stretching or any other deterioration need to be replaced immediately before they cause further damage to any of the other parts they are associated with.

To keep your car running without issues, every single belt and hose needs to be inspected and adjusted according the replacement cycle outlined in your owner’s manual. Please keep in mind that not all hose and belt damage can be checked for with a quick visual inspection, which is why it's essential that an expert mechanic assesses their condition and guides you through the next steps.

Right Way Auto Repair is the trusted source for professional auto repair and maintenance services in Hamilton, ON. Let us take a look at your vehicle belts and hoses and provide the highest standard replacements if necessary.