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Belts and Hoses Services
at Right Way Auto Repair in Hamilton, ON

belts and hose Services at Right Way Auto Repair in Hamilton, ON

Although some accessories in your vehicle are electrically powered by the charging system, there are some accessories that use the engine itself as their power source. The power is delivered by a series of belts and pulleys. The alternator, water pump, radiator cooling fan, power steering pump, and air conditioning compressor will not be able to perform adequately without fully functional belts.

Like car belts, hoses are equally important and are used in many accessory components of your vehicle: the engine needs coolant to keep your engine from overheating, the power steering rack needs fluid, and the calipers need fluid to squeeze the rotors to stop the car.

Over time, belts and hoses do age and wear out. Belts and hoses with any signs of cracking, stretching or any other deterioration need to be replaced immediately before they cause further damage to any of the other parts they are associated with. "The Car Care Council urges replacing belts, radiator and heater hoses at specific recommended intervals to prevent your car from breaking down."  Therefore, don't wait for an engine malfunction to leave you stranded. Vehicle hoses and belts are the vital components of the car and it is important that you take special care of them.

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