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Our mission at Right Way Auto Repair is to provide honest and dependable service. We treat our customers like family, so we look out for both you and your car, making sure you get back on the road securely. In fact, we offer a complimentary inspection to help you avoid costly repairs later on. We also offer a drop-key service for your convenience.

We invest in state-of-the-art training and service your car with high quality parts. In addition, our technicians are certified auto mechanics, so you can trust that no matter what problem your car encounters, we can tackle it.

Some Of The Automotive Maintenance, Repairs & Services We Offer

Tune-Up - Restoring Your Car's Power

Engine tune-up is an adjustment of a motor made to improve working order or efficiency. If the primary inspection finds no major faults, the tune-up includes replacing the following:

  • Spark plugs and ignition wires, or coil on plug boots (consider long-life plugs since they don't wear as much as standard plugs).
  • Distributor cap and rotor (older cars).
  • Fuel filter (if serviceable), air filter, PCV valve, and breather filter.
  • On older vehicles, (if required) check and adjust ignition timing.

A simple maintenance as a tune-up makes an engine easier to start, improves fuel economy, lowers emissions, and restores its power and efficiency.

Right Way Auto Repair, auto repair shop in Hamilton, ON

No matter what your car needs, the specialists at Right Way Auto Repair will provide trustworthy, reliable and quality work in getting your engine's performance back on track.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance at Right Way Auto Repair, auto repair shop in Hamilton, ON

The best way to minimize more serious breakdowns and the higher costs associated with automotive repair is by doing routine maintenance.

Preventive vehicle maintenance is simply what the manufacturer of your vehicle suggests getting done to keep your vehicle going. Whether you have a car or truck we provide the maintenance services to keep it running well.

Alternators and Starters

Alternator problems can easily become full-car problems, ranging from small issues like dimmed headlights to a dead car. We understand that the safety of your family is not to be compromised, so we have advanced equipment for diagnosing problems with your alternator. Our professionally trained technicians also specialize in diagnosing and fixing starter problems, which are the bane of many car owners. After all, there's nothing more frustrating than turning the key and having the engine go out right as you're heading out. We are able to quickly and efficiently get your car up and running again.

Brakes and Suspension

Your brakes shoulder an awful lot of wear and tear every day. Whether you're going for a joy ride in the countryside or fighting through your daily commute, brakes must exert hundreds to thousands of pounds of force in order to stop your car. Thus, having them inspected on a regular basis is vital to their longevity. At Right Way Auto we use only the best quality parts for brake maintenance and replacement and we also provide a full warranty on our work.

Brake and Suspension at Right Way Auto Repair, auto repair shop in Hamilton, ON

Transmission Service

The transmission may well be one of the most complicated and important components of your car or truck. That's why it's important to trust its maintenance to a full service automotive mechanical repair center. Our skilled mechanics have the training and expertise to properly perform a routine transmission service and get you back on the road with confidence.

  • Drain transmission fluid
  • Remove and clean the oil pan
  • Inspect the fluid condition, availability of metal or clutch lining material in pan
  • Remove, clean and replace the filter
  • Check and adjust the bands and controls
  • Refit the pan, using a new gasket
  • Fill the transmission to the recommended level with new transmission fluid of the correct type
  • Check for leaks and wear on seals and hoses
  • Test the serviced auto transmission.

Drive Clean Test and Repairs

Right Way Auto Repair is an accredited Drive Clean test and repair facility! We are able to offer the following services to our customers:

  • Emission testing for your annual license plate renewal
  • Diagnostics and repairs for emission related concerns
  • Repairs made at our facility can count towards the Repair Cost Limit

By law, certain cars, vans and trucks must pass a Drive Clean test before they can be licensed to be driven on Ontario roads. All vehicles made in Canada since 1996 have an on board computer that records information about emissions related parts and systems as you drive. This information is translated into what the industry calls codes. The Drive Clean test designed by the Ministry captures this information to make sure your vehicle's emissions control systems are working properly – that you have no codes appearing on the monitor.

Before performing the emissions test, the inspector will do a visual check at no cost. In case, the inspector finds any of the following issues, it must be corrected before the emissions test can continue, as it could lead to injury and/or the test equipment may not work properly:

  • missing catalytic converter and/or gas cap
  • defects in the fuel filler pipe
  • problems with the on-board computer system that would prevent the vehicle from being tested
  • visible smoke coming from the tailpipe
  • any problems the inspector believes would prevent the vehicle from being tested safely

You will receive a pre-test check rejection form, if the vehicle cannot be tested. You will need to return for the test, once any required repairs are made.

If your car passes the Drive Clean test:

  • You will get a Vehicle Inspection Report with 'pass' clearly printed on it
  • Use the pass report to renew your licence plate sticker or transfer a vehicle’s ownership
  • Keep the pass report with your vehicle’s maintenance information

A Drive Clean pass is good for 1 year from the date it was issued.

This information was taken from the Ontario Drive Clean website. To learn more about Drive Clean test visit

Air Conditioning Service & Repair

Auto air conditioning is not just a major convenience that keeps drivers comfortable in the hot summer months and helps prevent driver fatigue, it also provides you with safety. The auto AC system is responsible for controlling the vehicles cooling, air filtering, humidity control, and assists in providing you with a clear view of the road.

Many auto owners take their auto conditioning system for granted and don’t even think about it unless it fails. However, like any other systems of your vehicle, an automotive air conditioner needs to be checked to make sure that it is functioning properly. One of the most common air conditioning problems is leakage.

Right Way Auto Repair, auto repair shop in Hamilton, ON

To determine the location of a system leak, we add a fluorescent dye to the AC system along with enough refrigerant to operate the air conditioning system in a fully pressurized state, and circulate the dye throughout the system. Then a technician uses a special UV light and glasses to inspect all the lines, connections and components of the air conditioning system to identify the exact location of a leak.

It’s normal to lose some refrigerant over time, just like your tires lose air pressure. Since refrigerant is essential to your car, because it lubricates your entire AC system, the best thing you can do to prevent major repairs is to have you’re AC system checked annually.

At Right Way Auto Repair, we can thoroughly check your air conditioning system to make sure everything is in good condition. Whether it’s simply adding refrigerant or replacing the compressor, the specialists at Right Way Auto Repair will make sure you can beat the heat and drive in comfort all summer!

Oil Change & Lube Service

Oil Change and Lube Right Way Auto Repair, auto repair shop in Hamilton, ON

Because our mission is to provide Hamilton, ON and the surrounding areas with a place that takes care of all their vehicle needs, we provide oil changes for all cars and small trucks. We additionally offer a complimentary vehicle inspection with your oil change as we care about your safety.

Drive Straight and Smoothly: Align Your Wheels

Wheel alignment is part of a standard automobile maintenance that consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so they are perfectly perpendicular to the ground and lined up parallel to each other.

The purpose of these adjustments is to reduce tire wear and to ensure that vehicle travel is straight and smooth. Routine wheel alignment is the most effective way to extend not only tire life, but also the life of your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems.

Wheel Alignment Right Way Auto Repair, auto repair shop in Hamilton, ON

Moreover, it can impact fuel cost because your tires will be properly aligned with the road; decreasing resistance, sideways dragging and gas consumption.

Even a small accident or bump in the road can disrupt your suspension; throw off some of the highly calibrated components, thus making your wheels point in different directions. A proper alignment restores these angles to their correct measurements.

At Right Way Auto Repair, we make sure your vehicle runs straight and smoothly with proper wheel alignment and suspension services.

Align your wheels and keep that ride safe and smooth.

Diagnosis and Repair

Diagnosis at Right Way Auto Repair, auto repair shop in Hamilton, ON

The secret to first-class automotive repair and troubleshooting lies in a thorough understanding of what's actually going on under the hood. The technicians at Right Way Auto Repair possess the knowledge to understand and diagnose automotive concerns and issues you may be experiencing while driving your vehicle. Since we know which parts perform what function, the powers of diagnosis will be much more powerful.

Vehicles today have computer systems that do their own troubleshooting that inform the driver and technicians where potential issues lie. These systems are referred to as OBD or On Board Diagnostics. When something has gone awry, the OBD system will make note of the error and store the information in the computer for a technician to retrieve once the vehicle is brought in for work to be completed. These error codes can be invaluable in trying to troubleshoot a problem your car is having.

It is always best to bring your vehicle to a licensed mechanic if your OBD has encountered and notified you of an error. Technicians at Right Way Auto Repair are able to use the information stored in the OBD as well as their own knowledge and expertise to diagnose and repair your vehicles troubles.

Fix Rattles, Squeaks and Bangs

Vehicles make noise, some or quieter than others, but once you reach a speed of 100km/hr it is common to hear some small noises due to your vehicles speed and acceleration. However, loud rattles, bangs and squeaks are usually indicative of there being a problem with the vehicle that needs to be diagnosed and repaired professionally.

Right Way Auto Repair, auto repair shop in Hamilton, ON

Technicians at Right Way Auto Repair are trained with a keen ear for this type of diagnostic work and are familiar with the noises and creaks cars make. Depending on where and what the sounds you are experiencing are coming from the use of diagnostic tools such as computers may be used in conjunction with technician expertise.

Safety Inspection

Safety Inspection Right Way Auto Repair, auto repair shop in Hamilton, ON

The Certificate process was designed to ensure that any car being transferred to a new owner meets the minimum safety requirements to be on the road.

An SSC is not a warranty or guarantee on the general condition of the vehicle, or that the vehicle will stay fit for any period. The SSC only certifies that on the date it was issued, the vehicle met the minimum safety standards as set down by Regulation 611 of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA).

A Safety Standards Certificate is valid for 36 days after the inspection. During this period the vehicle can be sold and plated to the new owner. If 36 days have passed and the car has not been plated, it must be re-inspected and re-certified.

You can buy and register a vehicle without a safety certificate. However, it is highly recommended that the seller provides the SSC because of the sequential steps to purchasing a used car from a private seller:

  • To legally drive the car you need title (ownership) and insurance
  • To gain title and ownership, you need a safety certificate
  • To get a safety certificate you need to drive the car

Without a safety certificate being present before you buy the car, you can’t legally drive the car to get one.

When a mechanic tells you that your car has failed safety and tries to upsell you on items that need fixing, it is very upsetting. This may be an honest mechanic trying to keep you safe on the road or a businessman trying to create more business. You can always get a second opinion.

Important: you are not obligated to have your vehicle repaired at the place where the initial inspection was completed, but if you do not wish to incur any additional inspection fees you must return the vehicle to the original Motor Vehicle Inspection Station for re-inspection of the repaired items and issuance of the SSC. In this case, no additional fee will be charged for re-inspection, providing that the wheel brake assemblies do not have to be inspected a second time.

Right Way Auto Repair is a Motor Vehicle Inspection Station. Our qualified automotive technicians will provide an unbiased safety inspection to make sure your vehicle drives safely after you take ownership.

Emergency Repairs

We are here for any kind of trouble with your car or truck. We know your vehicle breaking down can be frustrating and even worse it can leave you stranded. So we provide the best service we can to make you feel at ease during such a time. If you ever need emergency vehicle service, call us.