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Automotive Services Designed for Worry Free Driving

At Right Way Auto Repair, we cover automotive concerns of many varieties, from basic services such as oil changes and wheel alignments to engine diagnostics, electrical issues and so much more! All services are carried out by our certified, expert auto technicians who have years of experience and stay abreast of the latest automotive technologies.

Check out the services we offer and let us know if we can help you with your automotive needs!

Right Way Auto Repair Offers Premium Quality Service & Repairs

Among the outstanding automotive services we provide at Right Way Auto Repair are:

  • Oil Changes

    Oil Changes

    Every automobile engine needs fresh oil to run properly. The better care it receives the longer it will last! At Right Way Auto Repair, we do everything possible to ease the burden of car maintenance and save you frequent trips to the automotive shop: we offer full-service oil change, which includes the following:

    • Motor oil (conventional, synthetic, synthetic blend, or high-mileage oil)
    • A new oil filter
    • Lubrication of chassis components according to manufacturer’s specifications (if applicable)
    • Top off all other fluids
    • A complementary multi-point digital inspection and
    • FREE tire rotation (if needed)


  • Brakes and Rotors Service

    Brake Repair and Service

    Properly functioning brakes are key to optimum performance and play a crucial role in keeping everyone safe on the road. At the first sign of brake trouble, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Right Way Auto Repair in Hamilton, ON to schedule a service appointment. We offer complete brake system services that include everything from major brake repairs and part replacement to preventive maintenance. Our expert service team will inspect and repair your car’s brakes to make sure they effectively work as they are designed to.


  • Engine Diagnostics

    Engine Diagnostics

    An engine diagnostic is a digital analysis of your car’s various computer systems and components to learn more about why the engine is not functioning properly. At Right Way Auto Repair, we have advanced computerized diagnostic equipment and a team of qualified service technicians who know how to use specialized tools to properly perform an engine diagnostic service, isolate the core problem, and repair a malfunctioning vehicle. Contact Right Way Auto Repair. We can help you track down the part or system that's at fault and give you a recommendation on what to do next.


  • Wheel Alignments

    Wheel Alignments

    Your vehicle needs a wheel alignment if you notice uneven tire wear, pulling to one side or if your car won’t go straight even though you’re steering straight. We urge you not to ignore poor wheel alignment issues, as that could cause premature or abnormal tire wear and poor stability on the road. When you bring your car into Right Way Auto Repair, our crew will correct your wheel alignment issues and get your car cruising smoothly again!


  • Digital Vehicle Inspection

    Digital Vehicle Inspection

    Every time you bring your vehicle in for a service, we will perform a complimentary digital inspection. A detailed report with pictures and videos will be sent to you via text and/or email. This way, we don’t just tell you what’s going on with your vehicle, we show you! You see what we see. Once you are up to date on the status of your vehicle, you can make an informed decision on which repairs to complete now and which ones to save for a later date, all from the comfort of sitting in your office or at home!




    Right Way Auto Repair is a certified Motor Vehicle Inspection Station. This means that our operators are authorized to conduct the mandatory motor vehicle safety inspections required to certify that vehicles meet the minimum safety requirements as well as to issue a Safety Standards Certificate once the vehicle passes the inspection. Whether you're purchasing a used vehicle, transferring a used vehicle to a new owner or registering a vehicle in Ontario that was bought in from another province or country, contact our MTO Station to arrange an appointment for a Safety Inspection.