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If a road were perfectly smooth, with no irregularities, suspensions would not be required. But roads are far from being flat. Even freshly laid highways have subtle imperfections that can interact with the wheels of a car. So this is what your vehicle suspension system does:

  • Absorbs energy from road bumps and effectively dissipates it to remove road shock from the passenger compartment
  • Maintains optimum tire contact with the road, increasing friction and overall tire grip
  • Minimizes body roll by transferring the weight of the vehicle during cornering from the lower part of the vehicle to the upper portion

Since your steering system and suspension system are two separate systems that work in tandem to keep your car under control, most manufacturers recommend checking both of them every 80,000 km. But if you notice any of the following warning signs, you should let an experienced technician take a look at your suspension right away:

  • Roll or sway on turns
  • Front end excessively "dives" when braking
  • Excessive bouncing or sliding sideways on rough roads
  • Rear end "squats" while accelerating
  • Vehicle "bottoms out”
  • Clunking or knocking noises

Routine Suspension Maintenance

A suspension system is very complex, and most importantly safety critical. With so much movement happening and forces being exerted on the suspension, parts inevitably wear out or become damaged. Even a single broken, worn out, or bent part can lead to failure of the whole setup. That is why it needs regular inspection and maintenance by a certified mechanic. Besides regular inspection, a periodic wheel alignment can serve to both identify potential suspension problems and keep the suspension in good shape.

We’re here to help

With our modern equipment we will check the measurements on your vehicle to identify any suspension system problems, and correct them. Give us a call at (905) 381-9285 or click here to set up an appointment for inspection or repair of your suspension system.