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There was a time when getting a tune-up was an essential step in the maintenance procedure for a vehicle. Nowadays, vehicles are controlled by a computer, and some of the systems can be adjusted on the fly. Even though the traditional tune-up has undergone a sea change and lost some of its purpose, some things are and will be here to stay, such as the need for regular maintenance.

The outdated term tune-up is still widely used by many people to describe a service procedure involving the replacement of the spark plugs and other adjustments for the maintenance or restoration of the engine performance.

It is most likely that when you encounter problems pertaining to your vehicle, including a hard start, excessive fuel consumption, hesitating or stalling, rough idling, or the smoke coming from the tailpipe of your car, you need a tune-up. The owner's manual for your vehicle provides plenty of information regarding when to perform a regular tune-up.

Every vehicle needs a tune-up maintenance. No matter if you drive a car fitted with the latest technology or a classic oldie, regular engine maintenance is the key to extending the life of your vehicle, maintaining the fuel economy, and preventing the occurrence of major issues in the long run.

Any time you notice hard start issues or declining performance, please contact us online or call us at (905) 381-9285. The specialists at Right Way Auto Repair will keep your car in tune.